Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tiki Chair

Hello people and good morning!!!!!!
Wait is 1:00 in the afternoon... o-o I woke up late again didn't I -.-

Good Afternoon everyone! So today whats new is the Tiki Chair that can be found in Jam Mart Furniture on the first page. I feel like Animal jam is going to a Hawaiian theme... hmm maybe start Hawaiian restaurant? :3
Shmur.. (<-- random word made up :I)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Birth Stone and Mammoth Tusks

Hey guys! Sorry I couldn't post the new item yesterday I was to busy getting my Supplies for 8th grade year yes I was getting them because I sadly start school on August 4th but that does not mean I wont catch up with the blog :D (really don't wanna go to school >-< I'll pretend I'm sick o-o)

So anyway the item from Yesterday was the Peridot Birth Stone this item can be found in Epic Wonders another Birth Stone to complete the collection! Wait who collects them? Comment below to let me know :D

Now the NEW item for TODAY can be found in Jam Mart Clothing first page when you open it up :3
and it's called the Mammoth Tusks! this would be great to put on your Elephant sadly it is a member item so sorry Non-members AJ should really start making Non member items too DX
And that is all for today ya'll :D

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Heart Pillow and Tiki Umbrella Table!

Ok sorry for not posting yesterday I fell asleep o-o
/).(\ Gomene!!!!!!!!!! Don't hate meh o3o

Ok so the item for today and yesturday is Le Tiki Umbrella Table and the Star Pillow!!!
I swear when I was little I seriously wanted to start a restaurant with those exact sorts of tables o-o
Animal Jam is using life hacks on meh o-o

********These awesome items can both be found in Jam Mart Furniture by the way XD

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Drawing SKillz X3

Hey So I wanted to how you guys my drawing skills I would have drawn it on the computer but I suck at computer Animation -.- so here is how I dare and please be honest and tell meh what chu faces think :D

Butterfly Balloon Hats and New Aj videos :D

Alright so lets see what new!
1. Butterfly Balloon Hats!!!

***Um am I the only one who finds them kinds creepy? 0-0***
But anyway you can find these awesome (creepy -.-) hats in da Summer Carnival
right on le first page :D Not that hard all you gotta do is go over there and it will be right there. Smack down right there -3-

Next is....
2. New videos :D **YAAAAY**
The first ones about sharks then about Sea Stars and then last one about Whales!!!
Speaking of whales do you guys think the whale is the new animal coming to Jamaa? :D
Let me know below :3

Ok that is all your Nee-chan has for today -3- (Sorry I'm huge on Anime o-o)

I'm Back :)

Hey ya'll it's been a while.. well last time I wrote that I was in 6th grade right no 7th idk I forget -3-
Well I'm 13 now and I'm in 8th Grade and yep I'm returning hopefully ya'll remember me!!!!!!!

I shall post everyday from now on and my comoopter is faster now so YAAAAY (yes I said compooter don't judge meh :3)

Wait it's July huh o-o oh snap I should really update this theme thingy or whateva -3-

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween Items!

Hey Jammers! Today we have Halloween items well I think 2 of them.
And the other 2 if you count spikes and Feathered masks.
Vampire mask found in the clothing shop!
The Bat tombstone Jam Mart Furniture!

Epic Wonders you can get the Feathered Mask!

And finally the Studded Wristband! Coool

I have returned XD!!!!

HELLO MY LOYAL FOLLOWERS!!!!! Lol ok I have returned from the deep .3.
No I'm kidding I'm in 7th grade now so yeah... I was in 6th grader last year wait I started when I was in 5th grade?
Why am I talking to my self?
Anyway.. I will start posting from today on If I do not post on a day then that means I had alot of homework because the 8th graders scared me and said we will have bucket loads of homework so yeah :3
I will still continue posting though :)

Friday, May 31, 2013

Moon Hat

Hey Jammers! Today's new item can be found at the Summer Carnival it's the Moon Hat! Hmm AJHQ is bringing back to space theme and hey it can go with you Sun and Moon necklace!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crystal Liza Statue

Hey Jammers! Here is an item
that can be found in the den shop of Epic Wonders! The all new Liza Statue! A new statue to add to my collection :D

New Around Jamaa! - Jamaa Journal

Jamaa Journal - Pg. 1

Hey Jammers! Have you guys heard of the new shop added to Jamaa it's the new Diamond shop were you get to buy a bunch of exclusive items using your diamonds you got from AJHQ! AJHQ will be giving out diamonds
every week so save up your diamonds to get cool exclusive items that you want.

New Around Jamaa! - Jamaa Journal

Jamaa Journal- Pg. 2

Have you guys went to the brand new shop!? It's the Diamond shop! There's a ton of exclusive and cool member items to buy! Can you believe it AJHQ is giving out Monthly Member gifts! Sorry non-members but alot of the stuff in there is mostly for members. D:
AJHQ is giving out diamonds every week for all the members of Jamaa! Have fun with your new items!

New Around Jamaa! - Jamaa Journal

Jamaa Journal - Pg. 3

In this last page of the Jamaa Journal it answers some questions about the diamonds that you have!
AJHQ gives out 4 diamonds every
week! Read the Jamaa Journal or the daily Explorer for more info!